Get up, get out, get moving

Get up, get out, get moving

Get up, get out, get movingGet up, get out, get movingGet up, get out, get moving

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Fitness Experts Who Care

After becoming cast mates from the hit reality show "Ready to Love" - Season 2 on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Brent Nahshon and DarinTheDamnTrainer are using their platform to promote awareness of healthy living and fitness across the country. 

Knowledgeable Fitness Experts

DarinTheDamnTrainer is a certified fitness expert with over 10 years of personal training experience partnered with Brent's many years of wellness awareness as founder of a mental health counseling agency this duo is here to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 

Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that changing fitness habits is difficult. Our goal as we travel city to city is to change your view on healthy living, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle. We believe that if you practice healthy habits while having fun you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle.  

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